Piattaforma calcolo computazionale

ILLUMINA the new platform by the Laser Romae Group, is a computing platform, adaptable to any scientific and non-scientific domain, which solves one of the main problems common to a large part of the scientific community: the transition from the development phase/prototype to the production of an algorithm/processing.

Scientists are often forced to reinvent themselves as IT experts, even if they are not, in order to validate their algorithms (written in IDL, Python, Matlab, etc.) by generating a whole series of utility scripts that:

• try to solve the same problem in different ways
• they are difficult to maintain and share with other scientists
• have an inconsistent log
• are not optimized
• they have no way of being connected to other systems to add value to their results
• they are difficult to scale to other clusters in order to increase their performance

ILLUMINA aims at creating WebBased environments in which it is easy to develop Sandbox, or processing units, to be used to compose and share workflows, that can be launched at specific time intervals (cyclical or not) or when events occour.

The system allows you to use your own computing resources or leave the management to an ML model, which will select the resources to be used for computing on the cloud, in order to optimize their use both in terms of efficiency and costs.
The execution of the workflow is monitored and allows the sending of notifications in case of failure events.

Both Sandboxes and Workflows can be shared with other groups or made public within your organization, in order to facilitate code reuse and collaboration between users with different expertise.

The system uses the best technologies in order to provide a tool which can be used in already running infrastructure as well as new projects. It uses modern kubernetes clusters, PBS or even sparse nodes with an SSH access.

Find out on www.illumina.laserromae.it