Protocollo informatico

Laser Romae has designed and built an open source system for the management of the IT Protocol and Document Management in accordance with the law. 

The OpenDox platform is part of the Laser OpenSuite and transposes the regulatory provision art. 22 of Directive 2014/24 / EU, which introduced mandatory provisions (Article 40 of Legislative Decree 50/2016) and which provides for the obligation to use electronic means of communication in carrying out award procedures.

The platform records incoming and outgoing documents, digitizing paper documents, according to the guidelines provided for by current legislation. It allows you to configure all the e-mail accounts integrated into the platform (PEC and PEO), to send, receive and log correspondence, classifying and organizing the documentation received and produced in files.

The platform is also able to sort and assign documents with a click, simplifying processes and monitoring documents and activities, through the operational dashboard.

Laser Romae offers specialist consulting services for the adoption of the OpenDox platform in SaaS and / or On-Premise mode.